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Nationalist/ Embrace Progressive view/ Only support truth and justice...

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IIMCian, Political Analyst, Writer and Learner

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Journalist, Learner, Teacher, Thinker, Political analyst.

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Patriot, Political Analyst, Amateur Historian

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Commerce Student from DAV College, Kanpur. Devoted Student of Shivaji, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Subhas Chandra Bose and...

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साहित्य प्रेमी, राजनीति विशारद, गर्वान्वित भारतीय

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Full time reader, writer and foodie. Has opinions on everything under the sun and not afraid to...

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Hindi Content writer @rightlog! Interested in Geopolitics & Diplomacy

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Writer, Learner, Bibliophile.

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कोई दीवाना कहता है, कोई पागल समझता है।

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